HVAC System

HVAC System
HVAC System
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HVAC system

In order to ensure appropriate cooling/ heating of industrial, commercial and residential buildings through equipment of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning, the company precision designs, HVAC system. These systems are also responsible to dilute interior contamination which is airborne like occupants’ odor, chemicals used in cleaning, volatile organic compounds from interior furnishing and more, by providing fresh outdoor air. Precision engineered as per the latest trends and technologies in the market, these systems are properly designed to ensure a comfortable working environment within the interiors. Further, these HVAC system are engineered by a pool of experienced engineers, technocrats and skilled workforce who satisfy clients beyond their expectations with quality solutions at reasonable rates.

  • Residential structures such as apartment buildings, single family homes, etc.
  • Hotels and senior living facilities along with large-scale, 5-star restaurants
  • Office buildings and medium to large industries
  • Hospitals, marine environments onboard and in vessels